Victor Ludorum Trophy

The new system allocates points based on a players position in the competition, so 1st place will earn 10 points, 2nd place 9 points etc down to 1 point for 10th place. 


The trophy was made from part of an oak tree growing on the course and was presented by Neville Armitage. Points are awarded in selected competitions and the player who accumulates the most points over the season wins the trophy. 

August 16th 2017


Player Points
Richard Kenward 27
Rob Redmile 23
Chris Yarnell 20
Howard Roberts 17
Steven Brotherhood 16
Howard Jones 15
Leigh Hillier 15

Sam Dixon


Shaun Sutton


Steven Castledine


Robert Nugent


Howard Wibberley



The Victor Ludorum Trophy is contested by full gentlemen members over the following competitions:     All Monthly Medals, The Hambling Trophy, The Sean O'Grady, The Coronation Cup,The Centenary Trophy, The Rayner Trophy and The Titchfield Cup Rounds 1 and 2.