Swing Studio

What is in the new Swing Studio…. 
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Newark Golf Club is one of the first golf clubs in the country to offer a full indoor fitting and simulator studio.  This performance studio features the latest  launch monitor and simulator technology providing custom fitting, swing analysis, practice options and the chance to play top class courses in simulator mode.  Everyone can enjoy indoor coaching, practice and social or competitive golf in the dry.  With this latest cutting edge technology members are receiving the best available service in both coaching and custom fitting. "It's made a massive difference to the analysis I can offer", said Robert, Club Professional. "The information is really accurate and easily demonstrable.  The stats displayed illustrate perfectly the improvements which can be achieved."

Modern methods of coaching now use C-Swing.  This allows for the analysis of your swing, the build up of a library to assist the learning process and the quick identification of mistakes.  It is an advanced video swing analysis program designed to aid both beginners and professional golfers alike.  It captures video from our cameras so that the swing can be easily explained using its powerful drawing and comparison tools.  We can compare two or more golfers at one time.  Seeing your swing alongside a top professional provides immediate visual feedback which will help you to lower your scores.  It is without doubt the ultimate coaching tool. Equally important is to be sure your equipment is correctly set up for you.  The Launch Monitor allows for accurate custom club fitting which is achieved by providing performance information that will establish which shaft and design of club is the most suitable for you.  Club head speed, ball velocity, golf swing path, club face position at impact, strike point on the club face and ball spin are only a few of the measurements provided by our Sports Coach Launch Monitor.

Now you can get the same personalised putting instruction that the best PGA Tour Professionals enjoy.  TOMI is the only personalised putting training device that captures the critical parameters of your putting stroke in real time.  From this data TOMI can instantly tell you what you need to do to dramatically improve your putting.  TOMI shows you what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong, tells us how to fix it and the drills we need to make you into a great putter.

The Golf Simulator we believe is currently the world's most advanced virtual golf system. The virtual range options enable you to practice and improve your technique easier than on any other practice system available.  The full range of shots can be performed with a complete breakdown of shot performance data displayed in front of you.   Using the very latest technology every possible feature of any golf course in the world can be reproduced; using architects drawings, satellite data and digital photographs golf courses are produced with incredible accuracy.  We have over 40 Golf Courses currently on the simulator for you to enjoy on a rainy day or a cold winters afternoon.

If you wish to book some time in the Swing Studio please contact the Golf Shop.

SIMULATOR                                                Members     Non-Members
Each 30 minute session                                £4                   £7

CLUB FITTING                                             Members     Non-Members
1 Club - up to 30 minutes:                            £20                 £25    
Driver/Putter/Wedge  -   

Irons  - up to 60 minutes                               £25                £30
Set of Irons  -  

Full - up to 120 minutes                                £35                 £40
Full set of clubs   

LESSONS                                                    Members      Non-Members
A lesson indoors on the simulator, without using the analytical equipment, will be the same as a lesson outside on the P/Ground.
20 minutes                                                     £16                 £20
30 minutes                                                     £21                 £25
60 minutes                                                     £40                 £45

Simulator plus Swing Studio Analysis lessons as follows
30 minutes                                                     £25                 £30
60 minutes                                                     £45                 £50

If you wish to contact the Club Professional about any coaching queries please email him at:  pro@newarkgolfclub.co.uk