Slow Play News Item

Troon Golf, which owns more than 200 golf courses around the world, has implemented a new programme at its facilities which are aimed at speeding up play.

The ‘Troon Values Your Time’ programme communicates a pace-of-play standard to golfers, which details to them how long the round should take before they have teed off, gives priority tee times in the morning to quicker golfers and offers education to golfers regarding which tees they should use, how long they should prepare a shot for, where to drive golf buggies on the course, how long they should look for lost balls for, what to do while others are putting and so on.

“Although our industry has tried to address pace of play for decades, we believe the issue can only be addressed successfully if we collaboratively pursue solutions that consider the full set of factors that influence pace – the actions of golfers, the ways we design and manage golf courses and the influence of the elite competitive game,” said USGA executive director Mike Davis.

“Our new campaign illustrates the USGA’s energetic and action-oriented approach to pursuing worthwhile endeavours that serve the best interests of the game moving forward.”

USGA president Glen D. Nager added: “Slow play poses an increasingly significant threat to participation of golf. Golf is supposed to be fun and standing around on the course saps the fun out of it. Our campaign is fun and is a rallying cry for the public – to show the golfing industry that we want a faster game.”

“With time being such a precious commodity today, slow play on the golf course remains one of the industry’s major impediments of growth,” said Ryan Walls, Troon Golf’s senior vice president, operations, sales and marketing.

“This is why we are implementing standards at Troon-managed facilities that define pace-of-play expectations to ultimately remove a barrier that exists in the game and improve the experience of our guests and members.”

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