Seniors' Captain's Welcome

I am very honoured to be invited to be the Seniors Captain for 2020 following in the footsteps of some of the great names in Seniors Golf. I have been a Seniors Member now for 5 years and joining was one of the best things I have ever done. Newark Seniors is a great institution.

My Aims for the year are:

1. To treat every Senior member with dignity and respect – regardless of age or ability – everyone is a really important member of the Section and should have the same opportunities.   

2. To encourage new membership and nurture and support those new members who do join us. For 2020 the joining age for the Seniors Section has been reduced to 55, in line with virtually all the Clubs we play against. We hope to attract new members from both within Newark Golf Club and totally new joiners 

3. To keep socially aware of members and their circumstances – there is a great spirit within the Seniors Section with lifelong friends often made. Unfortunately, our aging years tend to bring health and other social problems. As Section we need to be mindful of the needs of others and offer support when we can.

4. Encourage Ready Golf – with an aim of reduces Rounds by 15 minutes. To my mind the only reason for slow play should be a physical one – everything else is lack of awareness of your own game or lack of respect for your playing partners or others on the course. To put this in perspective we are asking each group to save 1 minute per hole! That is usually 15 seconds per player! Tips to help improve the speed of play will be sent out on a regular basis. Lets try and ensure everyone enjoys their round of golf.

We have something for everyone - weekly roll-ups, monthly Medals or Stablefords and 30 matches against neighbouring clubs on some top courses - plus the friendliest group of golfers you could find anywhere.

I wish all Seniors - current and future - a very enjoyable 2020 together.

Howard Wibberley

Seniors Captain 2020