New Broadband Speed

For some considerable time we have been struggling with poor internet speed. The Coddington telephone exchange has only been able to provide a very basic broadband service speed i.e. download 0.8Mb max; upload .1Mb on a good day!!! This has caused many problems, not the least being competition entry but also office systems have been particularly difficult to administer. 

We have struggled on in the hope that BT might provide a better service speed but this has not happened and is unlikely too for many years in spite of government promises. So, thanks to Director Malcolm Smith, who has looked at all possibilities in line with costs a solution has been found. We are now using JHCS wireless internet service, linked by way of an aerial on the greenkeepers cottage to a repeater in Fernwood. If you would like to know more about the service follow this link: JHCS

The new service is now in place and we have already seen great improvements to our systems; we are now getting about 10MB  download and 2MB upload. Club Systems, our competition entry system, will continue to have delays from time to time due to the number of clubs accessing their server but they are on to it and now as improvements come along we will be able to take full advantage.  I'm sure all members will appreciate this upgrade and our thanks go to Malcolm for his dedicated work.