Membership Rates

1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020

First Year Joining Consideration applies to Full, Five Day and Intermediate Categories


Full Membership Annual Subscription 


Five Day Membership Annual Subscription 


Intermediate Annual Subscription Level 3 

(Age 30 to 34 inclusive)


Intermediate Annual Subscription Level 2    

(Age 26 to 29 inclusive)


Intermediate Annual Subscription Level 1 

(Age 21 to 25 inclusive)


Lifestyle Annual Subscription

(Playing Restrictions Apply)


Country Annual Subscription

(Country Membership is available to persons living over 30 miles from the Golf Club)


Associate Annual Subscription 

(For those wanting to play at off peak times on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday)


Social Annual Subscription

Social Membership subscription includes Vat.  It has no golfing privileges and does not count towards qualifying periods. 
Membership discounts in the Clubhouse and Golf Shop apply.


Social Practice Annual Subscription 

Social Practice Members subscription includes VAT. This gives usage of the practice ground and putting green only, and has no further golfing privileges and does not count towards qualifying periods

Membership discounts in the Clubhouse and Golf Shop apply. 



Membership Fees can be paid in full or by monthly Direct Debit. 
Direct Debit payments are operated in-house in conjunction with our bank at a cost of an additional 5%.



Junior & Student Annual Subscriptions

Academy Member (no course access) up to 16 yrs - Tuition Program cost applies

Junior up to and including 14 yrs

Full Junior 15 - 17 yrs

Student 18 - 21 yrs



  • England Golf, County Union Subscriptions and Member Insurance cover is payable in addition to the membership subscription category.
  • Annual membership of the golf club is taken out from the 1st April to 31st March the following year and payments may be made in full or by monthly direct debit.  Direct Debit payments will include a banking charge. 
  • Annual Subscriptions are not refundable.
  • Members paying by direct debit do have to sign to accept that in the event of them wishing to leave the club prior to the end of the financial year the full subscription must be paid. 
  • On application the Board of Directors may allow members who are ill to transfer to a suspended membership providing this is within the first six months of the subscription year and that  a) the membership is full and b) a new member can be taken in to make up the shortfall. 
  • Suspended membership is the equivalent of social membership and is charged as such; it allows full use of the clubhouse facilities.
  • Such members who have paid their subscription in full would have a credit placed on their account for future use against subscriptions when returning to full health.
  • Such members paying by Direct Debit must continue with their payments and such payments would be placed on account against future annual subscriptions.