Matchplay Incorrect Score

Match play Incorrect Score


Question: - I was playing a matchplay competition and won the 10th hole with a 5. 

My opponent scored a 6.

On the 12th hole my opponent asked if I was sure that I scored a 5 on the 10th

After discussion I realised that I had taken 6 and the hole should have been halved.

How does this affect the match? 


Answer: - As you had given wrong information that was not corrected before you played from the next teeing ground (i.e. the 11th) you have lost the 10th hole and the state of the match must be adjusted accordingly.

(Rule 9-2)& (Decisions of the Rules of Golf 9-2/9) 

For further details see Rule 9-2b for when a player is deemed to have given wrong information.