Ball Marker

Marking Ball

Question: - Must a player use a small coin or ball-marker to mark the position of the ball before marking it?


Answer: - No.


The Note to Rule 20-1 states that the position of the ball should be marked by placing a ball-marker, small coin or similar object immediately behind the ball.


When the word "should" is used it is only a recommendation and failure to comply does not result in a penalty. ("How to use the Rules of Golf")


It is; however, advisable to use a coin or ball-marker as the best way to mark a ball.




Question: - A player marked the position of the ball with a coin, lifted the ball and pressed down the coin with his putter.  The player walked to the edge of the green and noticed that the coin was stuck on the putter. Is this a penalty? 


Answer: - No.


As the movement of the coin was directly attributable to the specific act of marking the ball there is no penalty.


If the spot on which the ball is to be placed is not known it must be placed as near as possible to where it lay but not nearer the hole. (Decisions of the Rules of Golf 20-1/6)