Lifestyle Membership

Following a successful trial of this new membership option we pleased to make it fully available.

This category is intended for golfers who are very restricted in terms of opportunity to play due to the other demands on their time. It provides total flexibility in when you can play but limits how many times. There is no peak or off peak adjustments or restrictions in which events you can participate other than those that effect all members. Below is a list of the main aspects you need to know regarding this membership category but if you have any question please contact the oofice and we'll be happy to answer them for you.


  • Lifestyle membership is a restricted full membership
  • Members may hold a handicap
  • There are no restrictions on time or days they can play.
  • Members Card discounts apply
  • Members are entitled to play a maximum of the equivalent of 12 Full rounds between 1st April and 30th Sept, and a maximum of the equivalent of 15 rounds for the entire year. The minimum allocation is 9 holes even if fewer are played.
  • Members must register in the Golf Shop in advance of playing. Notification the day before if playing prior to the Golf Shop opening. This can be done by phone or email. Notification must also be given if the round is not played as it will be counted as an allocated round.
  • Members are NOT entitled to pay a greenfee and save their allocation of rounds to play competitions.
  • Whilst the member has an allocation remaining it must be used when playing at Newark Golf Club with the exception of Open Competitions where players can enter at the non-member price and not use an allocated round.
  • Once the full allocation of rounds is used then members can pay a full rate greenfee to play but are not entitled to play in any club organised golf events, competitive or social.
  • The cost is £300 fee plus affiliation fees and insurance. (£20.75 Men £17.75 Women)
  • Members can upgrade their membership before the end of August paying pro-rata for the remainder of the year having used up their 15 rounds.
  • Anyone found abusing the restrictions of this membership (i.e. not registering when they play) will forfeit their membership immediately.

  Click here for the online Membership Application Form