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Ladies Invitation Day was another very sociable day with Lady guests from 19 different golf clubs competing for the prizes on offer. Apart from a little rain - but no thunder and lightening thanks goodness - the day proceeded smoothly enlivened in the clubhouse, by the extra day of the Open Golf from St Andrews. Those who weren't rivetted to the final rounds, enjoyed the conversation and the food on offer while waiting for the results to be collated, re- collated as more scores came in, and finally announced. This did take some time I have to say as rookie scorers Sandra and myself just got things sorted when another card would come in and more countbacks were needed. Some of the prizes went down to counting back on the last 3 holes! Not something you do often.

However,all in all one of the most closely contested Invitation Days so well done to everyone!

Prize winners were:

Ist Nett               Cindy Thorpe and Elaine Norman                       45pts

2nd Nett             Hilary Fletcher and Ina Wood                             44 pts

3rd Nett             Dianne Jackson and Christine Glasby                43 pts

4th Nett             Megan Allen and Charlie Hall                              42pts

Best nine out     Anne Byrne and Linda Fielding                           23pts on countback

Best nine in       Rina Ozolins and Jackie Wilson                          23 pts on countback

2's                    Cindy Thorpe, Hilary Fletcher, Jan Charlton Charlie Hall and Jackie Wilson

Nearest the pin           2nd    Linda Dunwoodie

                                   5th     Cindy Thorpe

                                  15th  Jan Charlton

                                  17th  Miyako Williams



Ladies' Captain's Day started with some good weather, warm with some sunshine and little wind, so everyone was anticipating a good day of competition and festivities. It was very unfortunate then that play had to be held up by a thunderstorm when absolutely everyone was out on the course! However, all competitiors made there way either to the  spike bar or to the  halfway house safely to wait out the storm,  which I was assured was only a 'Narrow band of cloud which will pass quickly' by the sattelite weather watchers in the shop. We also invented a new game during this break - how many damp golfers can you squeeze in to the halfway house at one time....... it was literally wall to wall with alternate breathing! Still, some made the most of the extra chance to grab some food and spirits remained high.

Play resumed as quickly as possible and, apart from another shower, continued uninterrupted - thank goodness.

My thanks to all for their perseverance and to all the afternoon teams who must almost have literally run round as they made up a good chunk of the delay created by the mornings interuptions.

Congratulations to all those who won prizes and my thanks to everyone for your gifts, cards and good wishes. I do hope that you enjoyed the day as much as I did.

Ladies' Captain Sue


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