Hole made by Burrowing Animal

Burrowing Animal

Question: - My ball is in a hole made by a burrowing animal in a bunker. Can I have relief?

Answer: Yes.

A hole, scrape or runway of a “burrowing animal” is an “abnormal ground condition”.

(R&A Rules - Definition of Abnormal Ground Condition)

To obtain relief the player may lift and drop the ball, without penalty, within one club length, and not nearer the hole, than the nearest point of relief. If in a bunker the ball must be dropped in the bunker. (R&A Rules - 25-1b (ii))

 The ball may be cleaned when lifted under this rule.

 A Burrowing is defined as an animal (other than a worn, insect or the like) that makes a hole for habitation or shelter, such as a rabbit, mole, groundhog, gopher (not golfer) or salamander.