Competition/ Non-Competition Handicaps
England Golf will join with the Scottish and Welsh Unions in using the “c” notation to denote a competition handicap and the “i” notation will no longer appear.  Any non-competition handicap will have no notation after it.
A single date for the activation of “c” handicaps in each year has been agreed by England, Scotland and Wales.  This will be 1 March 2014 and 1 March in subsequent years, separating this process from the Annual Handicap Review.
Ireland continues with its discretion not to introduce “competition/non-competition handicaps”.
Supplementary Scores
A restriction is being placed on the use of supplementary scores by Category 1 players and any player attaining Category 1. These players will only be permitted to submit supplementary scores to the extent that such scores are necessary to retain a competition handicap. Such scores will only be allowed to be submitted between 1st September in one year and 28th February in the following year. Any Category 2 player who has submitted supplementary scores prior to attaining Category 1 status will only be permitted to submit further supplementary scores in the period if he/she requires them to retain a competition handicap even where they have returned to Category 2 status.
There has been some discussion over the definition of a week in respect of the submission of Supplementary Scores. For the purposes of clarity we wish to define a week as being from Monday to Sunday but please note that clubs do have the discretion to permit players to submit more than one Supplementary Score in a week