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Slow Play Survey

A new survey has found that golfers are taking longer than they would like to complete a round of golf and that some are even put off playing the game because of it.  It also finds that golf clubs are not perceived to have done enough to tackle the problem, and that the issue of slow play is far more prevalent at the weekend. polled 982 professional golfers, club members and nomadic golfers and analysed data from 6,801 rounds of golf, and found that 90 per cent of golfers want to complete a round of golf in less than four hours but that 59 per cent of golfers take more than four hours to play one.  More than a half of golfers also said they wanted to finish their rounds in less than three and a half hours, but just one in four golfers achieve that.  More than a fifth of golfers said that slow play would deter them from playing.  The results seem to also indicate that golf club managers and operators are not doing enough to confront the issue, with 60 per cent of golfers saying that they have discussed the problem of slow play with friends.  This is in contrast to only 15 per cent of those questioned saying the issue had been raised by their golf club.

“The results raise an issue for golf course operators and owners to tackle with the vast majority of golfers taking longer than they would like to complete a round of golf and many being actively put off from playing because of slow play,” said a spokesman for  “Of the golfers questioned, 43 per cent took over four hours to complete their most recent round of golf and this figure jumps to 59 per cent for those playing at a weekend. Over 16 per cent of golfers took four and a half hours or longer to finish a round at the weekend with a further six per cent taking five hours or longer to complete their round of golf.“  The speed of play on a weekday was found to be considerably faster than at a weekend with 83 per cent of those questioned taking fewer than four hours to complete a round.  “Many golfers feel slow play is a problem with 80 per cent suggesting that it is an issue. Some however did feel the subject of slow play is overhyped. In total, 19 per cent of those surveyed felt that too much is being made of slow play in golf.”

This is an article from Golf Club Management Magazine


Competition/ Non-Competition Handicaps
England Golf will join with the Scottish and Welsh Unions in using the “c” notation to denote a competition handicap and the “i” notation will no longer appear.  Any non-competition handicap will have no notation after it.
A single date for the activation of “c” handicaps in each year has been agreed by England, Scotland and Wales.  This will be 1 March 2014 and 1 March in subsequent years, separating this process from the Annual Handicap Review.
Ireland continues with its discretion not to introduce “competition/non-competition handicaps”.
Supplementary Scores
A restriction is being placed on the use of supplementary scores by Category 1 players and any player attaining Category 1. These players will only be permitted to submit supplementary scores to the extent that such scores are necessary to retain a competition handicap. Such scores will only be allowed to be submitted between 1st September in one year and 28th February in the following year. Any Category 2 player who has submitted supplementary scores prior to attaining Category 1 status will only be permitted to submit further supplementary scores in the period if he/she requires them to retain a competition handicap even where they have returned to Category 2 status.
There has been some discussion over the definition of a week in respect of the submission of Supplementary Scores. For the purposes of clarity we wish to define a week as being from Monday to Sunday but please note that clubs do have the discretion to permit players to submit more than one Supplementary Score in a week

Hallam Cup 2012

After a very lengthy delay for one reason after another the 2012 Hallam Cup Final has been played.  Congratulations to both Alex Clarricoates and Emma Sheffield for putting on an exhibition of great golf.  2 down after 2 Emma fought back well to level the scores by the 6th.  A barrage of birdies followed and Alex went 2 up by the 12th; with another birdie on the 17th he completed a 3 & 1 victory. 

The Oldham Rosebowl

Friday 25th October is the new date for the Junior Team to play their re-arranged match against Seacroft for the prestigous Oldham Rosebowl. This year the team travel to Skegness. The trophy has been played for 8 times since its inauguration in 2005 and the results currently stand at 7 - 1 to Newark.

Inter Club Mixed Final

Newark worked hard to gain their place in this years County Inter Club Final with a great win over Trent Lock at Beeston Fields Golf Club.  The final, which is a 36 hole competition, will take place on the 22nd of September at Sherwood Forest Golf Club.  More details to follow but put the date in your diary. 

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