Golf Membership

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Golf Membership

Full and Five Day memberships at a Club that never bans trolleys, has no muddy or short Winter tee positions and has a course that drains superbly making it more than just playable when many courses close!

Newark Golf Club was founded in 1901; it is owned entirely by the members and is located on the border of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, near to both Newark and Lincoln.   The Club values the traditions of the great game of golf but has a thoroughly modern outlook.  The Club provides facilities for members, their guests, and visitors, that are first class in every respect.  There are many reasons why people join a golf club.  For most, membership of a club will offer a chance to play on a regular basis and enjoy the company of fellow golfers.  Some look forward to the challenge of playing regular competitions and others want to establish a handicap to monitor their improvement and be evenly matched against their friends. 

The game is believed to have originated in Scotland and is steeped in tradition.  The unique handicapping system allows people of different abilities to play against and with each other; you don't have to be big, strong, fast or part of a team to be successful, because anyone, young or old, male or female can enjoy the benefits of golf.  It is a stimulating challenge which gets you out in the fresh air, in very pleasant surroundings, and is an excellent way of exercising.  Amateur golf is one of the few sports that allows children, parents and grandparents the enjoyment of playing together competively from a level playing field; throughout the golfing world there are many examples. 

New members of Newark Golf Club certainly enjoy all of that and much more; at a very reasonable price.!!  Not only do they get to know lots of people and have a great time on a quality golf course, they enjoy a busy social life, in a friendly atmosphere, in a super clubhouse, making lifelong friends.  We have members who have been participating for over 40 years.

All Members are issued with a membership card which provides discount on food, drink and selected golfing equipment with a second account activating the Range Ball Dispenser, again at a discounted rate. There are organised coaching sessions and regular individual, team and fun competitions.  

The well organised Sections of the Club run smoothly alongside the main club activities with everyone supporting representative teams competing against other clubs.  Explore our website to discover our extensive program of golfing and social events.  Your first stop should be The Diary.

Newark Golf Club is restricted only by the maximum number of members allowed within the Club rules.  We currently have vacancies for membership,  anyone wishing to enquire about one of the numerous membership categories should complete the online Membership Enquiry Form or contact the Club Manager for further details.  

Full, Five Day & Associate Membership

The procedure for full membership is that on completion of the application form you will be invited along to attend an informal meeting with the Membership Committee and asked to complete an application for full membership.  Subscription rates are as detailed below.

Intermediate and Junior Membership

The Golf Club encourages Intermediate and Junior membership; on completion of the application form  you will be invited along to attend an informal interview with the Membership Committee and Junior Organiser.  There is no joining fee to pay and currently no waiting period.


Social Membership 

Subscription Rate.

Click here for the online Membership Application Form