Gents Invitation Day 1 Results 2017

9.30am: Results 





1st Place Stevie Parry  Simon Dickens  43 Pts 
2nd Place Vinny Johnson Cooper  Barry Esson  43 Pts CB Back 6 
3rd Place Michael Bayliss  Ben Bayliss  42 Pts 
4th Place Alan Maidlow  Paul Wathey  42 Pts CB Back 9 
5th Place Malcolm Wood Eric Wheelwright 40 Pts CB Back 9
Longest Drive Simon Dickens    
NP 2nd Alan Maidlow   8ft 8"
NP 5th Anthony Toft Brown   10.6 Metre
NP 15th Chris Stitson   5m 18cm
NP17th Stevie Parry   3ft
NP 2 18th Ian Stevenson    56cm

Thanks to the Competition Organisers and
everyone who assisted with the running of the competition.

Thanks to Sponsor CPG Property Newark.

Thanks to Ladies who ran reception.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the competition.