Fiddles and Roll Ups

 The table below shows all the Fiddles and Roll Ups that are prebooked on to the system, what days and times they play and who is responsible for organising them. The current requirements to be considered for prebooking is that the group plays regularly and requires at least two tee times. The Board would also hope that these groups are inclusive in their approach and are open to other members approaching them to join their group. As our experience of tee booking develops it may be necessary to make adjustments or introduce additional requirements for prebooked times.

We will endeavour to retain these times whenever possible however they are not guaranteed should a club activity or more advanced booking need to be scheduled at a similar time and day.

Groups on the list need to be aware of the possibility they will need to reschedule to an alternative time on these occasions and monitor the diary as they would do currently.

It is a requirement that every group must complete the Fiddle's Daily Booking Sheet on the day they play and return it to the Golf Shop before the last of their group tees off so the players' details to be added to the booking system.

The forms will be available from either the Halfway House, Golf Shop or you can download a pdf of the form from the documents area of the website. Documents page Link

  Group Responsible Person First Tee Time No of Times Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
1 Senior Roll Up Paul Speakman

Sunrise Winter,

7am Summer

9,  15 X     X      
2 Alt Snr Roll Up

Paul Speakman.

Mortitz Dawkins

9.00 Winter Only 3 X     X      
3 Farndon Players Mick Smith 10.00 2M 3F X       X    
4 Horner Fiddle Colin Horner

Winter 11.00  Feb 12.00

Mar to Oct 1.00 

3 X     X      
5 Moe's 9 Hole Fiddle Maurice Mayfield 1.30    1.00Dec & Jan 5   X   X X    
6 Britton Fiddle David Britton 7.30 2     X        
7 Southwell Mafia Stan Homer 8.30 3     X        
8 Glasby Fiddle Tony Glasby 9.20 Wed   9.10 Fri 3     X   X    
9 Sykes Fiddle Maurice Sykes 11.30 5     X   X    
10 The 9 Holers Jason Robinson 1.30 Sat  5.00 Wed 4     X     X  
11 Thursday Ladies

Sue Birket,

Barbara Channon

10.30 4       X      
12 Friday Ladies

Kath Sharman

Sue Burns

8.30 4         X    
13 Croom Fiddle Colin Croom 9.40 2         X    
14 Crumpton Fiddle Derek Crumpton 7.30 2           X  
15 Winthorpe Fiddle Lee Cammack 7.50 2           X  
16 Kirton Fiddle Roger Kirton 8.10 6           X  
17 Saturday Fiddle Phil Nolan

Winter 9.40

Summer 11.00



18 Saturday Ladies Gill Coupland 11.40 Oct to March 3           X  
19 Ben's Fiddle Ben Hazzledine 8.30 4             X
20 Ackroyd Fiddle Paul Ackroyd 8.00 3             X
21 Gary's Fiddle Gary Kiton 5.00 Apr to Oct 5   X          
22 Galbraith Fiddle David Galbraith 9.20 2           X  
23 Misfits Tom Cutts 7.30 3             X
24 Heron Fiddle Steve Heron 7.50 - 8.00 2         X    
25 Gallop Fiddle Sam Gallop 5.30 3       X