Question: - My ball lands with a loose divot immediately in front of my ball. Can I move it as a loose impediment?

Answer: No

 Rule 13-2 is clear that a divot can not be moved if it is on your line of play

In addition the divot must not be repaired  if repairing it improves your lie, your area of intended swing or your stance.

Tapping down a divot, or replacing it, in these circumstances is a 2 shot penalty (or loss of hole matchplay).

 You are also not allowed to remove or press down a replaced divot (Rule 13-2).

So when is a divot considered as replaced?

 “When substantially all of it, with the roots downwards, lies in a divot hole. The hole need not be the one from which the divot was extracted”. (Decision on the Rules of Golf 13-2/6).