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8th Green Hydraulic Oil Leak 


During this morning's course set up a hydraulic hose burst on the verti-cutting machine. 

The hose was located underneath the machine which caused the leak to go unnoticed longer than normal.

 The damage was limited to three passes down the centre of the 8th green. 



Step 1

We lowered the height on the greens mower to reduce the length of contaminated leaf.

Step 2

We then aerated the contaminated area with a 12mm bullet tine at a very close setting.

Step 3

A heavy top dressing was then applied to even out the surface which will encourage a smoother truer roll. 



With maintenance week just around the corner we will keep applying light dressings to the damaged area to keep the green playable until we can do the neccessary work during maintenance week.  



Hydraulic oil is a killer for turf due to the extreme heat of the oil. 

Hydraulic oil can also coat the soil particles not allowing new germintaion. 

We will monitor the growth throughout the next few weeks and adjust our maintenance programme accordingly.



Thanks for your patience and understaning

The greenstaff

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