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As we have done for a significant number of years, we will be undertaking vital maintenance work on the greens shortly. The detailed reasoning behind why this work is necessary can be found in the STRI agronomy report which is available to download and read below.

We often get asked, why do it now when the greens are so good and the reasoning is relatively straighforward. It is better to do it when we are most likely to have the best weather conditions for undertaking the work and for recovery. At this time of year the predominantly dry weather means the end result is likely to be much tidier but more importantly the recovery time is much much shorter. Clubs that do tend to undertake this type of work in the Autumn can often get caught out by a cold snap resulting in very slow recovery and that results with greens that don't provide the standard of playing experience we want during the Winter and often don't properly recover until early summer. We do endeavour to keep the impact of the maintenance work to an minimum which is why we now incorporate several activities into the same week. This is a significant work load to be undetaken in a small window so we are grateful for your consideration and patience if we do cause any delay to your golf during the maintenace work. Below is further information on exactly what activities we will be carrying out.


Maintenance Week

 Week commencing 29th July we will be verti-draining with a 13mm solid tine to a depth of 6-8 inches, scarifying with a 3mm blade at a 20mm depth, over seeding with pure bent and applying a heavy dressing.

The verti-drain relievs soil compaction and introduces air space for healthier and increased root growth. (One of our cahllenges is the very fine soil particles under our greens that become compacted very easily.)

Scarifying helps lower the organic matter content in the top 25mm.

Over seeding with pure bent helps improve the grass species throughout the playing surface.  

The groove made from scarifying creates a perfect pod for the seedling to grow. 

The GKB sandfiller used for scarifying infills the grove with kiln dried sand preventing the side walls from collapsing. 

A heavy top dressing will be applied to increase sand inputs helping dilute organic matter and aid in creating a smooth playing surface.  

 The greens will recieve a fertiliser application a week before to help aid recovery.

Once the new seedlings start to germinate a growth regulator will be applied to increase root growth creating a healthier grass plant. 


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