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The harsh summer drought has resulted in some grass loss across the course.


The remedial work to be undertaken on the aprons is as follows; 

Scarify the areas to remove the dead matter

Sarrell roll to create a small pot for the new seed  

Overseed at approximately 28gm2 with pure fescue seed 

Apply a heavy straight sand topdressing to create a healthy bed for the seed to germinate

Irrigate on a daily basis to help wash in the top-dressing and keep the seed wet to aid germination 


The work to be undertaken on the fairways alters slightly due to the size / time implications

Spring tine scarification to disturb / break up dead matter on localised areas 

Verti-drain all fairways to relieve compaction, aid drainage and create a pot for new seed 

Apply pure fescue (more drought tollerant) at 26gm2 to the treated areas

Apply top-dressing if required   


Other work to be undertaken; 

Finish front 9 tee and apron overseeding and top-dressing

Verti-drain greens with a 12mm solid tine followed by a  straight sand top -dressing

Cut and collect all long rough areas to reduce nutrient intake therefor thinning out the sward

Daily leaf clearance 

Continue rolling out bunker improvements 

Bunker maintenance 

Path maintenance 

Tree pruning and thinning 

Gorse re-generation  

4th pond maintenance 

Continue with stri recommendations 


Alex Calrricoates 

Course Manager 

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