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Winter works progress - December 2018
















Bunker Construction

Eco bunker- We have revetted the 3rd right greenside bunker and 4th front left greenside bunkers. The 3rd left greenside bunker is ready for revetting. We prepare a few bunkers prior to the perma soil liner installation for ease and speed of installing the liner after mixing a bulk load of the perma soil. We hire a heavy duty wacker plate to compact the liner which is passed over six to eight times per bunker for the best results. 






















 Tree work

2nd- We have taken all underlying scrub away at the back of the hole around the oak trees to encourage more light and airflow through to the green surround. The hawthorn hedge along with half a dozen small pine and oak trees have been felled left of the 3rd tee path, this has increased the amount of light allowed to the 2nd surround. This will also keep the 

worms down which will reduce mole activity in this area. 


















  Tree work 

17th - we have made a start thinning the self set trees left of the 17th. The 17th is a very still, shaded enviroment. Thinning the self set trees and pruning low braches will encourage more light and airflow throught the hole which will help with disease management. 










With colder air temperatures, comes colder soil temperatures, causing the grass plant to shut down through the winter months. Spreading wear through the winter months is a daily challenge. We try to keep the majority of foot traffic away from main playing areas by using white lines, hoops and ropes. Doing this helps us produce a quality golf course from spring onwards.  

We also monitor wear on and around the greens on a daily basis. We alter the hole location on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. This prevents causing excessive wear to individual areas on the greens. 












Aeration is cruicual this time of year to prevent the surfaces from sealing up. Aeration aids drainage, increases root growth, enables air exchange and helps relieve compaction. When soil holds more moisture due to damper days and reduced day light the foot traffic creates added compaction which leads to the surface getting smothered. Regular small tine aeration helps combat smothered surfaces with little to no effect on the roll of the ball.  Not tending the flag during winter months also helps minimise compaction. 











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