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Fairway Maintenance 


After last years summer, as you are well aware, the fairways have got sporadic areas of grass loss and moss invasion. The difficulty is if we were to carry out a moss control programme it would leave bare soil. Whilst the moss is aesthetically unpleasing it still provides a fairly good playing surface. However we are going to undertake remedial work to improve grass coverage. 


The plan to improve fairways is as follows:

  • We have orderd 100 bags of bar medal ( 60% rye - 40% fescue )
  • The rye aids recovery far quicker than the fescue species
  • We will hire and overseed with a vredo disc seeder with 35mm disc spacing 
  • We will be seeding at a depth of 20-25mm ensuring to penetrate the thatch layer for maximum germination
  • The plan is to carry out a single pass across the whole fairway
  • A second pass maybe required in the sparse areas 
  • We have planned to do the front 10 holes due to these fairways suffering the most 
  • Whilst we have the vredo disc seeder we will aslo overseed the green surrounds
  • Once the seeds starts to germinate we will do a primo application which will encourage the roots down therefore creating a healthier grass plant
  • If necessary, where there are any heavy moss areas we assess the need to hollowcore at a close setting, dimple seed and topdress the specific areas 
  • We aim to carry this out in april once the soil temperatures have risen
  • We will also be a ble tio irrigate if required
  • The total cost for the machine hire and seed is £9145 including VAT excluding man hours
  • We will start hollowcoring the fairways early autumn to reduce organic matter content
  • The cores will be broken down and the organic matter removed
  • Seed will then be distributed using a dimple seeder to required areas
  • The hollowcored holes form a perfect pod for the seedlings to germinate



 Course General 


  • We will be scraping the uneven bark mulch off the paths exposing the hardcore base layer. 
  • We will be trialing different path surfaces to allow further reduction in man hours for pathway maintenance 
  • Tree surgeons are thinning and dead wooding the oak trees at the back of the second green.
  • We will be using the air2g2 in April maintenace to relieve compaction with very minimal distruption.
  • Tee markers will be moving onto the tees when the soil temperature has risen which will allow new germination for recovery.
  • We will be over seeding and dressing the tees to increase grass coverage for the upcoming playing season.  








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