Club Fitting

The Swing Studio not only has a state of the art Golf Simulator but provides the Golf Shop team with the best equipment analysis system to precisely fit each club to each individual.  If you are committed to finding equipment that is best for your game you will find expert advice from PGA Professional Paul Bagshaw and the shop staff who know all about the latest models and have invaluable knowledge about the golf swing.  Products will be recommended on your swing and the strengths and weaknesses in your game.

Accurate Custom Club Fitting can only be acieved by providing performance information that can establish which shaft, weight and design of club is the most suitable for you, the golfer.  In this respect our systems have a wealth of experience in design and development which provide a system and software program which takes all the guesswork out of choosing the right specification of club.

Club head speed. ball velocity, golf swing path, club face position at impact, strike point on the club face and ball spin are only a few of the measurements provided by analysis and club fitting program.

We can fit one club, driver, putter or wedge, a full set of irons or a full set of clubs from between 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Putter Fitting

We now have for use as a putter fitting tool, 'The Got To Measure' putter fitting tool, made by legendary putting guru Dave Hicks.

GOT THE MEASURE is a professional custom fitting tool which is not available for sale to the pubic.

Every golfer is unique, has a unique setup and has a unique Stroke. The length, lie loft, offset and weight is measured and can be adjusted allowing the player to actually putt with this unique tool dynamically until they have found a set-up which is perfect for them. The PGA use the measure at The P.G.A. National Training Academy at the Belfry as they think it is the best way to custom fit. We tend to agree with them. 
GOT The MEASURE is a custom fitting tool that professionals and fitting centres alike use to measure players for custom fit putters and as a whole is not for sale to the general public.

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