Captain's Drive In

The Captain's drive-in took place on Sunday 9th March on a warm early spring day with wall to wall sunshine; hard to believe but very welcome.  The Captain overcame any nerves he may have had and hit that first drive straight down the middle.   A dozen balls later, chased in the traditional manner by a few hardy members and it was time for the Captain v Vice Captain matchplay competition.  Sixty members then took part in the match which was thoroughly enjoed by everyone who took part.  Afterwards the Captain thanked everyone who had attended his drive-in and had taken part in the golf; he especially thanked his wife and daughter who had prepared and served refreshments in the Halfway House.  The Vice Captain announced the result, a resounding 9 - 6 victory to his team and gratefully accepted the trophy from the Captain.  The Immediate Past Captain thanked the Captain and Vice Captain for providing afternoon tea and wished them a successful year ahead.