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The Club Members Committee thought that it might be a good idea to start a blog to keep members and their friends and family, connected during the next few weeks as the country tackles the coronoavirus Covid-19. As Captain in 2020, I have the privilege (and pleasure) of introducing the Blog and I will be ‘guest’ editor for the next blog!

So, what is the aim of the CMC Blog?

As we find ourselves at the point that the Government has felt it necessary to impose significant restrictions on all of us, we are now experiencing to some degree or other what those who went into self-isolation, or found themselves being ‘shielded’, have had to put up with.  Undoubtedly, we will all experience a range of emotions – for example, boredom, frustration, fear, loneliness. The Committee thought that a Blog providing ideas on how we can keep in touch with each other and, probably equally important, some ideas on how we can keep busy during the next few weeks would be useful. A bit like a village magazine, this could be quite fun and an opportunity to find out new ‘stuff’.

Our plan is to issue a new Blog each week and we will aim to cover a whole range of topics. Some ideas to whet the appetite include recommendations on books people might like to read, TV boxsets and films to watch (and where to find them), radio shows and podcasts.

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In The Spotlight with Paul Bagshaw, Gardening Tips and Course Update.

Course Maintenance Update – Friday 3rd April 2020


Before restrictions were put in place we undertook significant works to the greens’ approaches, surrounds and tees to allow them to flourish over the next few weeks.

Starting today, we intend to have three greenkeepers continuing work on the course to allow us to provide a playable facility as soon as restrictions are lifted. The R&A guidance on "essential maintenance" which states what golf clubs should be doing during this period can be found at; we will be adhering to this.

We will be posting photos of core activities online and on social media to show how we're getting along with some before and after shots of the course for you to enjoy.

I can assure you that day one of the restrictions being lifted you will have a course in great condition to play golf.

Hope to see you all soon and stay safe in these difficult times for us all.


Kind regards

Andrew Chamberlain

Greens Chairman




  • Keep on top of weeding now that the weather is warming up. Run a hoe through beds and borders.
  • Prepare beds for the growing season. Dig in a 5cm (or more) layer of compost or well-rotted manure. You can also work in a general-purpose fertiliser, such as pelleted chicken manure, or fish, blood and bone.
  • Lift and divide perennial plants now, to improve vigour and create new plants for your garden.
  • Give your greenhouse a thorough scrub (if you haven’t already) with hot soapy water. This will get rid of pests and diseases and let in more light.
  • Divide primroses once they have finished flowering
  • Finish cutting back any dead foliage on perennials and ornamental grasses to make way for new growth.
  • Prune forsythia as soon as they have finished flowering, cutting back to strong, young shoots
  • Deadhead daffodils and tulips as the flowers finish, but leave foliage intact, allowing it to die back naturally.
  • Apply a layer of mulch around your perennials, trees and shrubs before the hot weather arrives. Use organic matter such as well-rotted manure
  • Repair bare patches of lawns
  • Apply a high-nitrogen fertiliser to your lawn, for a boost to the start of the season.
  • Apply specialist lawn weed killers to your lawn wherever moss and weeds are a problem Apply weed killer to perennial weeds in paving and patios.
  • Give your houseplants some TLC - the warmer weather and longer light hours will encourage them to grow and they may require more water

Creative Interation & Social Media

During these unprecedented times it is more important than ever to stay in touch with loved ones, friends & family...and is a time to try different methods of communication and a time to get creative with interactions!

With this in mind here are a few ideas:

(I will follow this with a bit of information on how to set up a Facebook profile for those who don’t have one and would like one!)

Keep in touch via - Video / Audio / text Chats

You can use your phone to make either Facebook or WhatsApp calls - You can make both video and audio calls from both and can also be used to text message and send of charge as is through the internet – WiFi or 3G/4G)! If you have a camera on your computer you can video chat through Facebook on that too!

Both in FB Messenger and WhatsApp you can set up a group so you can text message multiple people at the same time to stay in touch and have back & forth conversations!

I have set one up and have added aunties, parents, cousins & partners so we can share pictures of happy memories and share funny stories as well as offering support during this time that we can’t all get together and certain people in the group maybe isolated!

Video chats are a great way of staying connected and it makes such a difference to see a face rather than just hear a voice! When you are in “contacts” details there should be icons at the top of the screen - either a telephone or a video (camera icon) just click if you want to talk or see!


Newark Golf Club, if you were not aware does have its own Facebook Page and this is a great place to keep uptodate with things happening at the club.

The blog that is being created on a weekly basis will also be shared on this Facebook page.

Here are a couple of other pages that you may be interested in following...full of information and are platforms to ask questions and get support.

Hello Newark –

This is a Facebook page that is made up of lots of local businesses all sharing information...great for finding trades people and seeing what businesses are doing at this time...including who is doing a delivery service! If you click JOIN an admin should approve your request.

Corona Virus Info Page -

This page appears to be an official page so hopefully all the info on it will keep you up to date. Just click FOLLOW and it will keep your newsfeed up to date with news

Multi Way Video Chats

I have recently had an app called ZOOM and House Party recommended to me. If you are tech savvy please give it a go! It allows you to video chat with multiple people at the same time...people are using them for virtual meetings and it is great for families and friends to use during isolation.

Some people are using these apps to carry on with Yoga, Zumba classes so you still feel part of a group you are just in the safety of your own home.

A few ideas

Do you have regular social nights, drinks or dinner with friends?! Don’t cancel...Why not set up a video chat? Share a recipe for dinner or cocktail get it made then dine together “virtually”!

Play board games by Video chat... as long as you have the same board just mirror what the other board is doing – Monopoly looks a good one!

Create a group chat with friends create a separate group for family and stay in touch.

Look for people running online classes you can log into.

Joining Facebook... easy to do!

You can either do this on your computer or your phone.

On your computer:

  • Search for
  • From the home page click “Create New Account”
  • Enter the requested info ie name, email and then complete as little or much info as you like ie profile pic etc
  • Start to search for your friends! – You can send friend requests and search for groups that may be of interest..from gardening groups to vintage trucks to diets and exercise... Facebook has all the weird and wonderful!
  • You will receive notifications of friend requests and if someone is request to communicate with you

On your phone:

You can download the Facebook app from app store and set up as above

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