Ball in Bunker Full of Water

Ball In Bunker (full of water)

Question: - My ball has landed in a bunker that is full of water

     What are my options?

Answer: -

     You have Four Options as your ball lies in "abnormal ground conditions":


All casual water is considered as an "abnormal ground condition" (See definition R&A Rules)


Option 1 -   If a ball lays in a bunker the player may drop the ball without penalty, at the "nearest point of relief" where the depth of the casual water is the least.

The nearest point of relief must be in the bunker and not nearer the hole. (Rule 25-1b (ii) (a))


Option 2 -   Under penalty of 1 stroke the player may drop the ball outside the bunker. You must keep the point where the ball lay directly between the hole and the spot on which the ball is to be dropped. There is no limit as too how far back it is dropped. (Rule 25-1b (ii) (b))

The fact that the bunker is full of water and that there is no where to drop in the bunker does not affect this rule.


Option 3-   Play the ball as it lies 


Option 4. Declare the ball unplayable and play from the previous spot under penalty of 1 stroke (Rule 28a)


See Decisions on the Rules of Golf 25-1b/8