Ball Holed

Ball Holed

Question: - When is the ball considered as holed?

 Answer: A ball is holed when it is at rest within the circumference of the hole and all of it is below the lip of the hole. (R&A Rules of Golf Definition of “holed”)


Question:- After a stoke from off the putting green if a players ball comes to rest overhanging the hole but not touching the flagstick and when removing the flagstick the ball falls into the hole what is the ruling?

 Answer :- This is a difficult one as we need to decide whether or not the player’s actions caused the ball to move. If they didn’t then rule 16-2 applies. And the ball is considered as holed.

 If the player’s action did cause the ball to move the ball must be replaced on the lip of the hole and the player incurs a 1 shot penalty.


If the player’s opponent or fellow competitor were to remove the flag stick, without the player’s authority, and as a result of this action he has caused the ball to move he has infringed the player’s rights.

The player is allowed under Rule 16-2 a reasonable time to reach the hole and an additional 10 seconds to determine whether the ball is at rest. In such a case the opponent or fellow competitor has breached rule 1-2 (Exerting influence on the ball) and loses the hole in Matchplay or a 2 shot penalty in strokeplay. The player incurs no penalty and must place the ball on the lip of the hole. (See Decisions on the Rules of Golf 16-2/4)