2018 Winter Open Results

Friday 23rd November 2018

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the event 

Many thanks to the Sponsors for their valued support

Well done to the winners  -  entry forms for 2019 Shotgun Winter Open will be available shortly.

Place Names Score Prize Sponsors
1st Tom Lord & Andy Mitchell 45 PTS  Cross waterproof jacket  
2nd Steve Daily & C Watchorn 43 PTS CB Sunderland sweater  
3rd Philip Strachen & Craig Judson 43 PTS CB  FJ Shirt    
4th Steve Brown & Russel Harvey  42 PTS CB Ck winter mittens   
N/P 2nd                Mark Dawkins 71cm    
N/P 5th                  Jake Kirkby 6" 8'    
N/P 15th             Russell Harvey  11'    
N/P 17th                Dean Shaw & Paul Taylor  both 40'    
N/P 2nd  to 18th     Jeff Morely 74'    

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