2017 Winter Open Results

Sunday February 19th 2017

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the event, all the helpers, the Captain David Yarnell and the competition organisers Andrew Palin, Derek Fletcher and Chris Keightley.  

Many thanks to the Sponsors for their valued support

CPG Property.

Well done to the winners  -  entry forms for 2017 Shotgun Winter Open will be available shortly.

Place Names Score Prize Sponsors
1st Peter Hays & Carl Nightingale  45 PTS   £100 Voucher Each  
2nd Steve Johnson & Nick Woodford  45 PTS CB  £75   Voucher Each  
3rd Steve Rainford & Malcolm Richards 45 PTS CB   £60   Voucher Each   
4th Julian Miles & Paul Keal  44 PTS  £40   Voucher Each  
5th M Wilde & Glynn Prosser  44 PTS CB   £30   Voucher Each  
Longest Drive 11th                          Phil Clarke    £10 Voucher CPG Property
N/P 2nd                 Richard Ellis 3ft 4"  £10 Voucher CPG Property
N/P 5th                  P Dobson 310cm  £10 Voucher CPG Property
N/P 15th             Alan Coran  9ft 1.5"   £10 Voucher CPG Property
N/P 17th                Carl Nightingale  6"   £10 Voucher CPG Property
N/P 2nd  to 18th     Paul Maurice  55cm   £10 Voucher CPG Property

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