2017 Mixed Open Results

Sunday July 16th 2017

Many thanks to all who took part in the event, all the helpers, and the competition organisers.

Well done to the winners  -  entry forms for  Sunday 15th July 2018 will be available here on the website shortly.

1st Place:  F Duffy & J Baggaley  50 Pts
2nd Place: J Saggers & B Churchill 49 Pts
3rd Place: D Owens & B Owens 48 Pts
4th Place: A Huskinson & H Huskinson 45 Pts
5th Place: P Shepherd & W Shepherd 43 Pts
Nearest The White Line S Kjenstad  
Nearest The Pin 2nd M Briggs  
Nearest The Pin 5th S Bestwick  
Nearest The Pin 15th H Jones  
Nearest The Pin 17th C Bassitt  
Nearest The Pin in Two 18th P Adams  

Thanks to Chris Gillon CPG Property for sponsoring the Nearest the Pin Prizes.

Thanks to Listers Mercedes for supporting the day.