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Newark’s Seniors raised a tremendous £6900 for Beaumond House last year, thanks in part to the support of Barclays Bank and Victor Wood, the Kia dealer. Fundraising goes on every month, but it is at this time of year - mid-Summer - that it starts in earnest.

A series of nonsense fines on participants in the recent Exchange Day at The Leicestershire kick-started the process, which continues on Monday July 3 with my Charity Stableford and raffle. With Seniors paying £5 to play, the event is sure to raise a significant sum; meanwhile all Newark’s Members can support the charity by offering raffle prizes or by buying tickets on the day.  Prizes should be left at the Golf Shop for collection by Seniors’ Vice-Captain Keith Martin.


Thank you

James Gilmour, Seniors’ Captain.

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Welcome to Newark Golf Club’s Seniors’ Section. You are joining one of the largest and most active Seniors’ groups in the county and, we believe, the friendliest. We provide a mix of social and competitive golf throughout the year and the notes below are aimed at making your assimilation into the group as seamless as possible.


We meet for an informal roll-up most Monday and Thursday mornings, nominally from 7.30 am but quite a few members arrive much earlier. We play four-ball betterball with partnerships formed in strict sequence of arrival on the first tee. This avoids the formation of cliques and means new members get to know their peers very quickly. On some busy days you may need to wait a bit as a queue can develop.

 By tradition the highest and lowest handicappers play against the other two and the stake is a pot of the tea for four in the Clubhouse afterwards (losers paying). There are liquid refreshments available at the Halfway House: a nominal contribution to the Captain’s charity is paid. It is a convention that you provide a bottle of whisky or rum on your birthday, suitably labelled.


We hold qualifying Medals once a month throughout the season, with up to half a dozen qualifying Stablefords and a couple of fun competitions. Playing partnerships are drawn at random and published on Howdidido and on the noticeboard. Details of how to make a late entry to a competition or to withdraw from it are also posted on the noticeboard. We also hold Summer Knockouts for Singles and Pairs and a Winter Pairs competition.


We have a programme of 32 matches against other Seniors’ groups in Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Playing in these events is a great way to experience new courses in the area for the price of a meal. The Captain picks the teams; selection is based primarily to reward those who regularly support our Seniors’ Section in roll-ups or other ways.

The dress code for these matches can differ from Club to Club, so please check the noticeboard carefully if you are selected. By convention the home players provide the drinks for their guests before and at the meal. Those who have played in the home fixture are therefore usually given priority for selection for the away leg.

Please do not offer yourself for selection unless you are certain, at the time of selection, that you will be able to play. Late withdrawals from a team are the bane of the Captain’s life.


These formal occasions are the centrepiece of each quarter’s golf and, ideally, the dates should go in your diary at the start of the year. We have up to 80 slots available for a Stableford, which is a Qualifier in the season. We then sit down, in jacket and tie, for a two course meal. Occasionally we will have a guest speaker, but the principal post-meal event is the presentation of prizes, including to those who were successful in the previous quarter’s competitions. Their presence is expected by the Captain unless they have a very good reason to be absent (eg, on holiday or a medical appointment).


Two Seniors per month are asked to volunteer to run the Halfway House on most Mondays and Thursdays (Bank Holidays and inter-Club matches excepted). It is not a particularly onerous task and, as a new member, your assistance would be appreciated. If you do volunteer we suggest you put your name down alongside a longer-standing member of the group.


A bargain – you get all the above for a fiver! Please note, you cannot enter any competition or be available for team selection until you have paid your annual sub. Any of the elected officers will be happy to accept it. This year (2017) they are  James Gilmour- Captain; Keith Martin - Vice Captain; Howard Wibberley - Secretary; Mike Willey - Treasurer; and Simon Channon - Competitions’ Organiser. The Section holds an AGM in the late autumn to elect the next year’s officers.

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Senior Representation

Following the Board Meeting held on Wednesday 12th of February The Seniors Captain has been asked if he would like to join other members on the Green Committee and he has accepted the position.  The Senior Vice Captain will join members of the House and Social committees.

Created: 14-Feb-14 19:10

Senior Captain's Report

I have thoroughly enjoyed my year as your Captain & the support you have shown me has been tremendous-thank you. Also the strong support from the Board, Club Captain and David & Simon Collingwood has been much appreciated. It was  gratifying to hear the very positive comments & thanks from  the Chairman & Club Captain at the Members AGM  about the valuable contribution which the Seniors make to  the Golf Club.

I have had my senior moments; such as selecting people twice in the same team and looking for my golf ball when it was on the end of my putter.  But it has been very re-assuring as many of you also have had senior moments i.e. entering competitions twice, travelling to Stanton when it was a home fixture, playing in the 3 clubs & a putter Xmas comp with a full set & your playing partners not noticing till you reached the 7th hole   We all lose golf balls but losing your clubs & trolley takes some doing, as does turning up for the Monday roll up only to find there is a comp on, checking the start sheet not seeing your name and consequently going home despite the fact your name was on there. Our Hon Secretary played with Rob at our Xmas meeting & Peter had a rare off day with his golf – Rob suggested he take up Bowls.  Roy Williams decided to give his trolley & clubs a wash in the ditch at the back of the 1st Green; it didn’t do his trolley a lot of good!  The best of all was when I received a spoof E mail perporting to come from Allan Swain saying he was stranded in Thailand having been robbed and would I send £2000 to a Bank a/c in Thailand so that he could get home.  Clearly his address book had been hacked but he had played in our medal comp the day before which was also a give away.  I rang Allan who was aware he had been hacked.  When I put the phone down there was a message from Roger suggesting I get a replacement for Allan who was in the team for Coxmoor the day after as he was stuck in Thailand.  I then rang Roger who said he was very busy sorting out the transfer of money to Thailand so Allan could get home!  He was very relieved when I told him it was a spoof.  It is nice to know your brother loves you that much. We have coined another expression within the seniors - (Doing a Pessol)ie walking off part way through your round when the scoring is not up to expectations.

On average 55 have played in the monthly medals for which we now have a 2 hour reserved tee which makes for a much better experience.  Congratulations to Bruce Perkins who had a hole in 1 in one of the Medal rounds.  The monthly winter stableford averages 45.  The Black tees are starting to be used by some and restoring their enjoyment of the game.  The quarterly meetings continue to be very popular with on average 82 sitting down for Lunch;  the Xmas meeting was I think a record with 88 at lunch.  Congratulations to all the competition winners - Derek Greenwood for winning the Singles Knock Out - Our Vice Captain & myself for winning the doubles.  Derek has also had success playing as a lady under the Alias “Doris Woodgreen” - congratulations Doris.

47 Seniors  have played in the inter-club matches where we have won 10, halved 1 & lost 15.  A number of matches have been very tight with only 1 or ½  being  the difference.  Our most notable victory was away to Worksop.  I have played in 23 of the matches all of which were thoroughly enjoyable and without doubt the  spirit in which they are played is a great credit to Seniors Golf.  Two of the matches I played in will live long in my memory - away to Radcliffe partnering Walter Hughes in a very tight match which we won by 1 after their Captain had holed his bunker shot for a 4 on the 18th.  Walter then holed an outrageous putt for a birdie to win. The other was away to Coxmoor partnering David Britton who played the game of his life to give the team our only win. Also congratulations to Roger Swain  who had a hole in 1 playing with his brother.  The Board agreed for us to start 2 matches on the 17th which has been very helpful in speeding up proceedings.

We lost to the Ladies for the first time in 7 years. I had been far too  generous in the concessions we gave them & had not reckoned on the influence Graeme would have in setting up the tees as his wife now plays with the Ladies.  We did however get our own back at the spring quarterly meeting when he was our guest - by offering him Bread & Water.

The inaugural match against the Juniors for the generation salver was a great success.  Bob’s interpretation of what constituted a  junior was interesting. Their youngest player was 10 yrs ours 83  yrs. We treated them to a simple Buffet after the match and the atmosphere in the club house was  wonderfull. As a club we are very fortunate to have such a strong Junior section who are a great credit to themselves, the Club & Bob Britton. I sincerely hope this match will be an important fixture within our calendar going forward.

The Seniors Open was again a great success & oversubscribed. The course as always was immaculate & the weather was very kind to us. Between ourselves & the Ladies we create a well run & welcoming day which is much appreciated by the participants who return year after year.

The Hall of Fame ( Cancer Research ) competition was well supported  & congratulations to Bill Strowger & Mike Daniel who went through to the Regional Final. In total we donated £682 to Cancer Research.

Our Charity Day for Beaumond House as a result of all the work our Honary Secretary put in was this year an absolute Blockbuster with Barclays contributing £3000. So in total we were able to give Beaumond House £5150 this year. The raffle was a big contributor to the funds my thanks to Andrew Killick  for coming back & selling the raffle tickets in his inimitable way, the generosity of the Seniors is almost becoming legendary. Sadly no one got a hole in 1 but the anticipation was very exciting & it was a great day with a number of non-seniors supporting the event. With a bit of luck Peter tells me we might again have the support of Barclays next year.

The Exchange Day with Market Rasen was good. They made us very welcome, the food, weather & golf  course made for a very enjoyable day. Market Rasen enjoyed their visit to Newark so we are repeating the exercise next year.

The Pro Challenge has been good fun; Rob is a fine player & coach.  He has a nice manner and offers very sound words of advice.  At the start of the year we played 5-won 1-halved 1 &  lost 3.  I was not a lot of help to Rob. This Autumn my golf has improved a lot enabling me to be more supportive –so far we have played 4 & won 4.

The Season ended with our Dinner Dance-Phil gave us a very good price as a  thank you to the Seniors for their support over the years; this was much appreciated & we wish Phil & Louise all the best at their new club. 101 attended and the atmosphere in the club house was great, the dance floor was crowded all evening and the food was good. What a great night - we do know how to enjoy ourselves. Maureen was very appreciative of the plant arrangement you kindly g ave her.

The long grass in front of the tees continues to be an issue for many members of the club. The carries off  the Tees have been better managed this year apart from the 11th & 12th holes. However the thick grass at the bottom was no different this year. I can only encourage those of you whose enjoyment of the course is being impaired, to play the course off the Black Tees & to put your concerns in writing to the Board.  Clearly they feel that the majority of the membership are in favour of the long grass.

My thanks  to Brenda for the ½ way hut –sadly she has had to take a back seat whilst she fights her Cancer-we look forward to welcoming her back. Judy has stepped into the breach wonderfully with her main assistant Shirley & also guest appearances from Derek & my wife thank you all very much. Thanks to Dennis Power Neads & Terry Ward for a ready supply of good Jokes. Thanks to Bryan Spilsbury for his support - he has been there ever helpful when the IT has gone beyond my capabilities. Our Vice Captain John Rimmer who has been really solid – and ever supportive - thank you John & I wish you all the very best for your year. Finally our Hon Secretary Peter - it has been said before that if you cut Peter in half he would be like a stick of rock with seniors written all the way through. His depth of knowledge, attention to detail and ability to answer every question you might ask about the seniors is at times unbelievable. He also acts as the conscience for the Seniors and is a wonderful  guardian of our ethos & principals. Thank you Peter.

Going forward whilst maintaining our Ethos & Principals we need to adapt & embrace  the changes that will be necessary.

Thank you all for a very memorable & enjoyable year

Peter Smith. Seniors Captain

Created: 25-Nov-13 19:53

Seniors Charity Day

As a very active section within the Golf Club one of our objectives is to raise money for Charitable causes and our principal Charity is Beamond House Hospice.  Money is raised throughout the year in a variety of ways, a raffle & donation basket in the ½ way house on Seniors Open Day, a fine of £1 per player for loosing in an inter club match plus any surplus money in our funds.  Also we have our Charity Day competition and raffle which this year is on Thursday 17th October.

This year as a result of support from Barclays Bank, we have the opportunity to raise a very significant amount of money as Barclays have agreed to quadruple any money we raise up to a maximum of £3000, which would mean that the donation to Beamond House would be in the order of £5000.  We have organised a hole in one competition with an entry fee of  £5  where the prize will be a car supplied by Pratt & Gelsthorpe plus prizes to the value of £500 on the other three par 3’s for achieving a hole in one.  Two Seniors have achieved a hole in one over the last few weeks so it is not pie in the sky.  There will be good publicity opportunities on the day as hopefully the Advertiser will be present as will Barclays & Beamond House.  Any support will be acknowledged on the day plus we will display any appropriate advertising  material or posters that are supplied.  Alternatively any raffle prizes will be gratefully received. This is a great opportunity to raise an important amount for Beaumond House...lets get going!
Peter Smith (Seniors Captain)

Created: 29-Aug-13 22:13
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