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Safety Rules

Green Staff have PRIORITY on the Golf Course.  Players have a duty of care not to behave in such a way that others may be injured by their actions.

On course signage must be adhered to at all times.

Players must be certain that it is appropriate to play without endangering the staff or other players.  Under no circumstances must they play to a green if work is in progress in or around the green.  Staff will stand aside when appropriate and signal that play can continue.

It is the responsibility of each person to ensure that he or she is adequately insured for theft or damage to equipment how so ever or where so ever caused and for third party liability.

Newark Golf Club is not responsible for the property or actions of Members or Visitors (negligent or otherwise).

Follow this link for more information on insurance.

Health and Safety

An assessment of the risks identified for players and staff at Newark Golf Club on the Golf Course is summarised by the following information:

All accidents MUST be reported to the Club Manager or Senior Member of Staff.

First Aid Boxes are located at the counter in the Golf Shop and from the bar in the Clubhouse.

Emergency Vehicles can only gain access to holes 1,8,9,10 & 18 in dry conditions. Emergencies that require Professional Medical assistance in all other areas of the course in dry conditions, and the entire course in wet conditions, will require the attendance of the Ambicopter.

All playing areas including practice areas have been assessed highlighting the following items for consideration.

1. It is essential that players should never strike a ball when there is a risk of endangering another player, member of staff or the public.

2. Adjacent Fairways - When a ball struck off target can carry onto an adjacent fairway / tee / green or other playing area a shout of FORE must be made to warn those in potential danger. This is most likely to occur on holes 1,4,6,9,10,11,13 and 14.

3. Steep Banks & Ditches - Extreme caution is advised when near the edge of the ditches and steep inclines as found on holes 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15 & 18.

4. Ponds & Lakes - Water in Ponds and lakes are can be deep with silt deposits. Players must not in any circumstances enter the water and care must be taken when retrieving balls from the sides. Life belts are located at necessary points.

5. Bridges - Provide care is taken, all bridges are suitable for buggy use.

6. Playing Priority - Priority must be given to players on the 8th tee when approaching the 7th green and on the 15th tee when approaching the 11th green. Players should not encroach further than the fairway signs indicating priority.

7. Out of Bounds - Players must not retrieve balls hit out of bounds from the fields to the left of the 4th, 5th, 11th,12 & 13th.

8. Right of Way - Residents and visitors to the cottages to the left of the 10th hole have the right of way. All players must be aware of vehicles using this access and ensure that it is safe to play from the tee before doing so.

9. Practice Areas - Players are asked to exercise extreme care when using the practice range. Only one person should be within the specified bays at any time. Balls must only be struck towards the set targets from these bays. Players must use the balls provided and must not walk beyond the rope. Player must adhere to the instructions on notices in all practice areas.

Other Health & Safety Considerations:

Chemicals - Signs will be displayed on the first tee advising when chemical treatment is in progress. In any event it is adviseable NEVER to lick golf balls or fingers.

Danger from Lightning- Event organisers are responsible for the suspension of play and the klaxon will only be sounded, suspending play, during organised competitions. All players are advised however to stop play immediately should they perceive a threat of lightning (Rule 6-8) . Players should not use the wooden shelters or wait under trees when there is threat of ligntning but return to the clubhouse.

Fog- Players are reminded of their responsibility NOT to behave in such a way that they and others may be injured by their actions and should not play any shot if the landing area is not cleary visable due to fog. Markers are positioned on trees down the 1st and 10th holes as a guide for members of staff regarding the level of visibility on the course. They have the authority to close the course if necessary. The markers are not clear indicators as to whether it is safe to play. Each player is responsible for determining whether it is safe for them to continue when on the course in deteriorating conditions

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