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England Golf Team Finalists

The Macdonalds and Fergusons are to represent Newark Golf Club in the new England Golf Team finals held at Frilford in August.
The quartet had to finish in the top six to qualify for the finals from a strong field of over thirty clubs at Coventry Finham in July. They made it through with a great score of 78 points and now go forward to the finals at Frilford Heath in Oxfordshire on Friday 14th August where they play off against other finalists from three other qualifying events across England. 
This competition will feature in the new Golf Week Festival staged by England Golf to create a National Grand Final for a host of handicap and team championships.
“It will be wonderful to represent our club and the Midlands and show that it is a thriving area for golf” Graeme said.
The new competition invited clubs to enter teams of two men and two women with combined handicaps breweenc 50 and 96 to play in a stablefordoff three quarters handicap with the best two scores to count on each hole.
Created: 13-Jul-15 11:35


Newark Golf Club now has a full range of membership options to suit your needs.

Full Membership - Play any day any time

Five Day Membership - Play any time Monday to Friday

Associate Membership - For the Social Golfer playing in the afternoons on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday

Intermediate Membership - Different levels to give assistance to the younger member up to the age of 35 

Social-Practice Membership - Making full use of the first class practice and clubhouse facilities.

Social Membership - For the non-golfer that enjoys the atmosphere in MacRae's Restaurant & Bar

Junior Membership - For the youngsters up to the age of 21

For more details click on one of the links below or contact the Club Office directly either in person, by email or over the phone.


Click here to see Membership Rates

Click here for the online Membership Application Form

Click here for more information on being a Member

Click here for Associate Membership Details

Created: 23-Apr-15 16:37

New Broadband Speed

For some considerable time we have been struggling with poor internet speed. The Coddington telephone exchange has only been able to provide a very basic broadband service speed i.e. download 0.8Mb max; upload .1Mb on a good day!!! This has caused many problems, not the least being competition entry but also office systems have been particularly difficult to administer. 

We have struggled on in the hope that BT might provide a better service speed but this has not happened and is unlikely too for many years in spite of government promises. So, thanks to Director Malcolm Smith, who has looked at all possibilities in line with costs a solution has been found. We are now using JHCS wireless internet service, linked by way of an aerial on the greenkeepers cottage to a repeater in Fernwood. If you would like to know more about the service follow this link: JHCS

The new service is now in place and we have already seen great improvements to our systems; we are now getting about 10MB  download and 2MB upload. Club Systems, our competition entry system, will continue to have delays from time to time due to the number of clubs accessing their server but they are on to it and now as improvements come along we will be able to take full advantage.  I'm sure all members will appreciate this upgrade and our thanks go to Malcolm for his dedicated work.

Created: 20-Jun-14 10:42

Rainfall Table

Total 619.8 329.1 559.5 832.5 413
Rainfall Average 2014 2013 2012 2011
January 51.9 102.1 28 43.5 34
February 28.1 36.5 25 12 39
March 27.1 28.5 41 31 8
April 49 28 8 152 8
May 68.3 117 55 63 38
June 50.3 17 50 92 42
July 68.5   88.5 79 38
August 64.3   47 82 64
September 31   25 47 21
October 73.3   106 75 39
November 45.3   49 72 15
December 62.7   37 84 67
Created: 11-Jun-14 15:56

Course Work Report for 2013

Just for interest here is a summary of the hours spen by the Green Staff working on certain specified areas of the golf course during 2013.  There are a total of 12,000 man hours available:

Place of Work Total Time in Hours
Greens 2451.5
Tees 1000
Bunkers 928.25
Fairways 756
Semi-Rough 653
Course Improvements 616.5
Trees / Bushes 594
Approaches and Aprons 474
Rough 394
Other Course Work 855
Machinery Maintenance 921.25
Practice Ground 511.5
Clubhouse surrounds 367.5
Other Secondary duties 1477.50
Created: 11-Jun-14 15:42
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