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Moving Ball

 Moving Ball


Question: - Is the person who lifted the player's ball the only person who may replace it?



Answer: - No.


Up to a maximum of 3 different people may replace a ball, depending on the circumstances.


E.g. in a four ball match, if a player were to authorise his caddie to lift the ball, the caddie, the player or the player's partner could replace it.


However, if the player lifts the ball himself, only the player or his partner may replace it.  (Rule 20-3a)



2nd Question: - If the ball is accidently moved when placing the ball is it a penalty?


Answer: - No.


If the ball is accidently moved in the process of placing or replacing the ball, the ball or ball marker must be replaced.

There is no penalty, providing the movement of the ball or ball-marker is directly attributable to the specific act of placing or replacing the ball or removing the ball-marker (Rule 20-3a)



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