Introduction To Newark Golf Club Seniors

Introduction to Newark Golf Club



1. Ethos/aims

The Seniors provides opportunities for male members of Newark Golf Club who have attained the age of 60 to play golf together and to socialise in a spirit of good fellowship on Mondays and Thursdays. Its members are able to indicate their desire to be included in all Senior’s formal activities such as Medal, Stapleford, Texas Scramble, Ladies Challenge, Eclectic Competitions and also Inter-Club Seniors Matches.

Seniors play golf together and socialise in the spirit of good fellowship.

Seniors shall pay £5 (or as reviewed) to belong to the Seniors. OBE’s are exempt from this payment.

A detailed listing of all Seniors’ annual activities and a listing Seniors’ Members and telephone numbers is posted on both the Seniors Web site & the Seniors Notice Board.

The Seniors’ Secretary/Treasurer, Captain and Vice-Captain and Auditor are the elected officers with very well defined duties and responsibilities. These elected officers are charged with maintaining the established relationship and communications between the Seniors and the Golf Club Chairman, Directors, Captain and Vice Captain and also the Club Manager. They will also urge Seniors’ members to sustain a good and healthy relationship with the Club professional /Shop staff, the Course Manager and his Staff.     


2. Seniors Proceedings

2.1 Roll-ups on Monday and Thursday mornings

Players are expected to make up into four-ball games in the order they actually arrive at the 1st tee, if any players wish to splinter off to the 10th tee they must always invite players from the 1st tee queue to make up a 10th tee four-ball. It is not acceptable to make-up convenient four balls in the car park or on the way across to the 1st tee or 10th tee.


2.2 Seniors Medal and Stableford Competitions

The Seniors’ Captain has responsibility for the posting of notices, timing, execution/running and conclusion of these competitions. Medal and Stableford entry fee will normally be £1. Medal competitions commence on the 1st tee as a 3 ball and are to pre-arranged tee- off times commencing at 07.30am. Stablefords are commenced at 08.00 am from 1st  tee as a 3 ball. All players must book-in in the Pro-shop before teeing off and all score cards are to be entered in the club system before cards are handed to the Seniors Captain in the club house. Qualifiers for the Seniors Medal finals will be notified by the Seniors Captain in good time for the medal final.

The Seniors’ Vice-Captain will undertake delegated responsibilities for the organisation and execution of the Eclectic monthly and cumulative competitions.


2.3 Singles and Doubles Competitions

The Seniors’ Captain will post the competition application sheets and with the assistance of the vice-captain undertake a suitable competition draw. The Seniors Captain will post the Singles and Doubles competition sheets which indicate playing deadlines for each round of both competitions.


2.4 Seniors inter-club matches

Seniors must be aware that they are representatives of the Newark Golf Club and must conduct themselves accordingly. Seniors are expected to comply with Newark Seniors dress code at all times “if in doubt ask”.

The Seniors’ Captain will post suitable sheets for Seniors to indicate which matches they would like to be considered for. Priority will be given to those that play regularly in the “roll ups” & make themselves available for an equal number of home & away fixtures. Seniors who volunteer for the ½ way hut are entitled to ask the Captain to be included in a specific match.  The meal after each match is an integral part of the event and if you are unable to stay for lunch you must step down.  Seniors are also expected to share the drinks expenses with their playing partner at home matches. The sting in the tail about playing in Senior’s matches is that losing pairs donate a £1 each to the Seniors Captains Charity.


2.5 Other Competitions and Events

The Seniors’ Captain will post details of forthcoming Charity days, Texas Scrambles, Seniors’ Exchange Day, Seniors’ Open, Seniors versus Ladies in accordance with the dates specified on the Seniors’ annual activity sheet. Seniors should  read such notices carefully and be aware that in some instances there may be restricted numbers, so selection may be based on a first come selection basis with reserves nominated. These competitions are to pre-arranged tee-off times.


2.6 Quarterly Meetings 

The Senior’s hold Spring, Summer, Autumn meetings. These consist of a Stableford competition with all players expected to change into formal attire for a lunch and prize presentation. Seniors who are unable to play in the competition can apply to attend the lunch only. Winners of competitions will receive their prize at the appropriate meeting and members are expected to attend in person unless they have a prior arrangement with the Seniors’ Captain.

There is also a Christmas meeting which may consist of a fun competition, followed by a joyous Christmas lunch and formal proceedings during which the immediate Past Captain will present trophies to each of his years Prize winners.  


2.7 Annual Dinner Dance  

This event is very much a social evening with a two course meal followed by a disco. This event presents an opportunity for Seniors to dress–up and bring their partners & friends out for the evening and in particular for the Seniors to show their appreciation of the work done by the Seniors’ Captain and his Partner during his year of office.


2.8 Annual General Meeting (AGM)

This meeting will normally be held at approx. 13.15 hours and this may follow a competition such as the Seniors Captain versus Seniors’ Vice-Captain . The Seniors Secretary will post a “draft” agenda each September and make a request for AOB items which must be received at least 14 days before the AGM meeting in November.

The AGM minutes are posted on the Seniors Notice Board during December and again prior to the next AGM.


2.9 Seniors Half-Way House Duties

The Seniors’ Vice-Captain has the overall responsibility for the well-being and administration arrangements.

Members should be aware that it has been a longstanding practice that the Seniors at Newark donate a bottle of whisky or rum (or a tin of biscuits or sweets) on the anniversary of their birthday.

The success of the half-way house is very much dependant on members taking responsibility for a chosen period (usually a month) and the availability of milk, coffee, tea and sugar on “normal” roll-up days will be done by the volunteer “duty” Seniors who should liaise with the Seniors Vice-Captain at all times.

The duty volunteers must make sure that the Main provisions and Emergency boxes are properly stocked and they must ensure the traditional birthday bottles are available for usage. Duty volunteers must be aware that on certain days the Seniors’ facilities are not put-out, such-as on Club Medal and Club competitions scheduled for Thursdays and are also not put-out on bank holidays.

The Main cupboard is kept locked with keys available to nominated key holders. The stocks of back-up/spare birthday bottles are under the control of the Vice-Captain.

Seniors currently pay 10 pence each at the half way and duty volunteers are expected to buy provisions from the monies available. Surplus monies must be given to the Seniors Secretary for banking.

When interclub matches, quarterly meeting and organised events are scheduled the Seniors’ Captain will have organised our support ladies to serve beverage and refreshments BUT the duty volunteers must ensure the availability of milk, tea/coffee, sugar and bottles for their usage. Duty volunteers must be aware that some matches and other Events can be on a Tuesday or Wednesday and they must check the Seniors’ activities sheet.

It has become a custom that duty volunteers can request the Seniors’ Captain to offer them a match of their choice as an incentive to volunteer.

Note: On Charity days and Seniors Open day the half-way house proceeds are given to the Secretary for presentation to the appropriate Charity.


2.10 Seniors Charity Events

There are two main charity events namely Seniors Charity day for Beaumond House and Seniors Captains chosen Charity competition.

For many years the Seniors have supported the Charity Day via the Seniors Captains interclub seniors match whereby losers donate £1 each. Also the Captains pro-challenge events and other initiatives, all of which accumulates during the season and is finally put forward for the Seniors Charity Day together with monies from the raffle undertaken during the Seniors Open. This generosity has enabled the Seniors to raise on average £4,000 for Beaumond House and in excess of £32,000 since humble beginnings of £100 in 1996 to buy morning newspapers for Beaumond House patients.

This last two years with the support of Barclays Bank we have had a hole in 1 competition which has enabled us to donate in excess of £7,500.

The Directors and your Senior’s elected Officials continue to be amazed and enthralled by the generosity of our Seniors and long may this tradition continue.


2.11 Seniors Communications   

The Seniors’ sub-section, on the Newark Golf Club web site, contains a full history of the Seniors formation and its development together with listing of Seniors Trophies and Trophy winners. During the season the Seniors Captain makes full use of this facility to update Seniors of progress to date and notice of forthcoming events together with Match selections and competition playing listings. Seniors are encouraged to make known their e-mail contact so that they can be kept updated of changes and/or developments which they would wish to be kept aware of. Please ensure that the Seniors Captain and Seniors Secretary are made aware of any changes to telephone/ e-mail contacts. 

The Seniors notice board is the main artery and source of information including details of forthcoming events and posted listings of team sections and competitions. There is no excuse for not knowing what goes on. Make a regular habit of checking this out.

Finally Seniors are responsible for keeping the Seniors Captain aware of any changes to their availability, remember he is not clairvoyant nor does he have a crystal ball.   

Up-dated 14/03/2016.