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Competition Results 2015

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Competition Place  2015 Winners


New Years Day Competition




Winter League Cup

1st  Michael Booth & Steven Hill  2 & 1
Mixed Winter League 1st    

2 Ball Winter Scramble


 J.Williams & P. Ackroyd



2nd  G. Macdonald & T. Macdonald  61.3 cb
  3rd  M. Nelson & S. Newell  61.7

Club Stableford

1st  Ricky Priestley   38
  2nd  Mark James Cooper   38 
  3rd  Mark Nelson   37



 Aron Wherrell 


Wilkinson Cups


 Vinny Johnson-Cooper & Colin Boulter

 41 cb



 Gary Kirton & Roger Kirton 




 P. Blackburn & S. Parry 

 40 cb

Texas Scramble


 L. Forbes, A. Hughes, M. Hawkesford, P. Bricknell

  2nd  M. Bentley, M. Franklin, A. Clark, M. Cooper  60
  3rd  J. Todd, N. Fox, A. Wherrell, A. Wooley  60.2
Premier Cup 1st  James Rushby  1 up
  2nd  Alec Rose  1 up cb
  3rd  T. Wilson  1 up cb
  1st Gross  William Walker  2 down

Bentley Trophy (27 Holes)

1st  James Murphy  56
  2nd  Christopher Weaver  56
  3rd  Frank Duffy  55
  1st Gross    

Team Medal


 David Fox, Roger Nicholson, Bob Britten

  2nd  Steve Chamberlain, Andrew Chamberlain, Phil Shephard  136
  3rd  Tony Glasby, Eva Glasby, M. Clark  137 back 9

Spring Mixed Greensomes

1st   G. MacDonald & J. Froggatt  39
  2nd  J. Andrade & B. Channon  36
  3rd  F. Macintyre & R. Ozolins  35

HW Strange Trophy

1st  Len Worthington  1 up (cb)
  2nd  Kenneth Wood  1 up
  3rd  Mark Jeffery  0
  4th  Richard Morley  0

St George's Day Am Am

1st   G. Woodman,  A. O'dell & A. Bates  81


2nd  G. Hales,  J. Welsh &  D. Welsh  78


3rd   M. Mayfield, D. Howson & F. Macintyre  77

Hambling Trophy

1st   Julie Froggatt  68
  2nd  Richard Kenward  68
  3rd  Mark Smith  68
  4th  David Tilbury  69
  1st Gross  Connor Dixon


Sean O'Grady Trophy

1st    David Thompson  67
  2nd  Joe Andrade  68
  3rd  Daniel Oliver  70
  4th  Michael Cooper  71 
  1st Gross  Tom Warnock  74

Coronation Cup

 1st  Michael Lewis  81-12-69
  2nd   Trevor Eason  85-16-69
  3rd  Peter Coupe  75-5-70
  4th  Paul Ackroyd  82-11-71


1st Gross  Charlie Lager  72

Dawn Patrol

1st  Andy Moody, Giles Thomas, David Thompson, & Frank Duffy  85
  2nd  Chris Weaver, Jarod Weaver, Ben Hazzledine & David Fox  84
  3rd  Lee Mellors, Paul Ward, Charlie Lager & Mark Cooper  84

Centenary Trophy

1st  Chris Yarnell  84-18-66


2nd  Matthew Ragless  82-14-68


3rd   Steven Hill  85-17-65
  4th  Peter Monk  83-14-69
  1st Gross  Steve Brotherhood  69

Captains Day Prize

Winner  James Nelson  43
  1st Gross  Ryan Maclachlan  3 Under

Old Boys Bowl 

1st   Bernard Minion  41


2nd  Bruce Perkins  38cb


3rd   Keith Alexander  38

Rayner Trophy

1st   Charles Bentley  41
  2nd  Andrew Surtees  40cb
  3rd  Lewis Green  40cb
  4th  John Barcas  40cb
  1st Gross  Graeme MacDonald  36

Scratch Cup 

1st  Jim Hallam  139
(Club Championship) 2nd  Tom Bean  143
  3rd  Tom Warnock  144

Averham Plate

1st   Roger Mackness  80 + 83
(Gross Competition) 2nd  Mark Franklin  84 + 81
  3rd  Greg Wright  83 + 83

Macrae Trophy

1st   Les Shepherd  90-20-20
  2nd  Noel Maguire  95-22-73
  3rd  Andrew Palin  98-23-75

Newark Open

1st   Tom Warnock & Neil Allen  44

Jubilee Cups

1st   Tony Stark & Josie Wake  43cb
  2nd  Len Astill & David Fox  43
  3rd  M. Cooper & M. Smith  42cb 

Ted Hastell Trophy

1st   Mark Nelson  41
  2nd  Rosemary Lloyd  40
  3rd  Robert Hastings  38cb
  4th  Stewart Kelly  38cb
  1st Gross  Charlie Lager  32

Daily Mail Foursomes


 P. Ackroyd & C. Barrett



2nd   F. Macintyre & B. Burns  74 
  3rd  P. Matthews & P. Haynes  76 

HD Mumby Cup

1st   Stephen Newton  85-17-68
  2nd  Peter Monk  82-13-69
  3rd  Les Shepherd  90-21-69
  1st Gross  Graeme Macdonald  72

Past Captains Cup

1st  Reg Dove  39

Chairman's Trophy

1st   Sue Birkett


Titchfield Cup

1st   James Todd


  2nd  Mervyn Warriner


  3rd  Alec Rose


  1st Gross  Tom Bean


Autumn Mixed Greensomes

1st   Paul Froggatt & Tracy Macdonald


Walter Hughes MF Trophy

1st  Jon Brambles


  2nd  Mark Franklin


  1st Gross  Thomas Warnock


Victor Ludorum

Winner   Tom Bean


Captains Charity Day

1st   Joe Andrade, Sam Gallop, James Andrade, Chris Weaver


Captains Away Day

1st  Keith Goodwin, Craig Hamilton, Ashley Mackness, Roger Mackness  

Turkey Trot 1

1st   Michael Bayliss


Turkey Trot 2

1st  James Todd  41

Turkey Trot 3

Gents Invitation 1  (am) 1st  Matt Hawkesford & Niall Forbes  43cb
Gents Invitation 1  (pm) 1st  Joe Andrade & Ian Mason  44 
Gents Invitation 2  (am) 1st  Lloyd Forbes & John Forbes  41cb
Gents Invitation 2  (pm) 1st  Dave Tilbury & Peter Smart  41cb back 9

Victory Cup


 Simon Cartwright  

Kelwick Cup


 Alex Wright & Greg Wright  1 up

Charnwood Trophy


 Julie & Paul Froggatt  

Hallam Cup


 Charlie Lager  

Howitt Cup


 Mark Franklin  2 up

Barnby Plate


 Mervyn Warriner  2 up

The Oldham Cup




Newark v Ramsey Cup



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